As registered tax agents we are able to handle all your taxation matters. When linked to our agency list you receive automatic extensions for submission of your annual income tax returns and for payment of your terminal tax.

We can offer the following taxation services:

Based on information provided by you, we will prepare and submit your GST returns. If you register with BankLink (see under Accounting) this task is simplified and more efficient.

If we prepare your payroll we will also complete and submit your PAYE returns and schedules.

If you are subject to Fringe Benefits Tax we can prepare your quarterly or annual FBT returns and offer advice in regard to providing Fringe Benefits.

Annual Tax
We will prepare and submit your annual income tax returns (IR3 for individuals, IR4 for companies, IR6 for trusts, and IR7 for partnerships) and check all assessments when received from IRD.

Provisional Tax
All companies and trusts, shareholder employees, partners and sole traders are subject to provisional tax – payable in three equal instalments (currently, 7 July, 7 November and 7 March).

We will calculate the amounts payable and advise you when due. As part of our integrated service we offer advice on minimising taxation and thus improving cash flow. This includes advising you on the most tax efficient business structure for your situation.